Get your pre-baby body back

Post-baby bodyIf you’ve just given birth, you’re probably settling in to live as a new family.  You might also be wondering the same thing many new moms think; ‘how long will it take to lose this baby weight?’

How to get your pre-baby body back

The key to rebounding quickly after having your baby is efficiency. As a father of three kids under the age of three, trust me when I say that sleeping is going to be crucial. You are no good to anyone walking around like a zombie!  Sleep and recovery has to be a priority because your body will not respond well to training with elevated levels of cortisol or the hormone swing you’re experiencing.

When to fit-in post pregnancy exercise

If you can manage to fit-in 15 minutes of exercise three days a week (while continuing to get as much sleep as possible) you’ll be well on your way to shedding the babdy weight.  And of course, following proper nutritional guidelines is key as well.  It sounds overwhelming, but I’m not asking you to exercise for an hour!  It’s all in the intensity.  Can you bring out a little aggression for 15 minutes? You’re thinking to yourself, ‘Yeah right; I haven’t even showered in 2 days.  Brushing my teeth would be a luxury!’ I didn’t say it would be easy, I’m just saying that it will be worth it.

Chances are, that if you’re concerned about maintaining an awesome physique, then you probably have logged many hours at the gym leading up to this pregnancy.  That healthy routine will go a long way.  Remember, with sound nutrition and a strong work ethic, you can get your amazing pre-baby body back.  If you have a few minutes, check out my post- pregnancy workout video at Perfect Pregnancy Fitness.

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